Korean Neo-Confucian academies

Hello. The Seowon Conservation and Management Foundation, previously formulated as the Council for inscribing Korean Neo-Confucian Academies on the WHL, was established in August, 2015. It is dedicated to coordinate all nine seowonindividually and collectively, located in different city, county or province. The Foundation aspires to present the diversity and shared value of Seowon culture and conservation.


Korean Neo-Confucian academies


Korean Neo-Confucian Academies

2009.09 Advisory meeting for inscribing Seowon on the World Heritage List

2010.10 1st Round table discussion on seowon on the WHL

2010.11 2nd Round table discussionon seowon on the WHL

2011.01 3rd Round table discussion on seowon on the WHL

2011.01 4th Round table discussion on seowon on the WHL

2015.01 Submit nomination dossier and Additional information to UNESCO Center

2015.08 Establish the Seowon Foundation

2016.04 Withdraw submission of nomination dossier

2016.08 Confirm re-submission of nominationdossier

2018.01 Submit nomination dossier to UNESCO Center

2018.09 Technical Evaluation

2018.10 Submit Additional Information to ICOMOS

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Korean Neo-Confucian Academies


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